LocalPOD, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2091091025/localpod

Localpod will connect all of your devices to your cellphone tablet or computer.  It will also serve as a local cloud when the Internet is not available. Finally, since it has a touchscreen, a person can interact with and reconfigure this device.
The chief obstacles to achieving these goals are the availability of software or programming and the compute power of the Intel Quark processor that is on-board.  Unlike a desktop PC this device does not promise to do it all.  But its usefulness and unique composition out-weigh these objections. Also, as a result of its tiny form factor and accessibility to the Do-It- Yourself (Arduino) hobbyist LocalPOD might not be configurable as a larger device running the Android Operating System.  But then the idle user would probably be using their tablet or cellphone anyway.

As regards security, this is an accessible device.  Hardening the framework and functionality may be an option prior to a full release.

Here are the functional areas in which Localpod may be of use:

Networking.  LocalPOD can help to provide networking solutions and connectivity in cases where there is a missing link.
Media.  There may be a variety of situations in which one may need to transfer images or other media between devices transparently.
File System. Able to use devices such as a thumb drive or (with USB adapter) an SD card on a phone or computer.
Devices. Able to use a lot of wired mice or keyboards or any number of other devices that were intended for desktop computers via the USB protocol with cellphones or tablets.
Local cloud.  Has the capability via built-in Yocto Linux internet devices or websites on a small scale.
Telephony.  Can permit the user to develop a smart phone aapplication.  Currently Bluetooth is used to connect to the telephone API.
Your application.  This Arduino compatible device with a screen may be exactly what you need for your next Internet of Things (IoT) project.

Due to the large number of potential applications I intend only to provide basic functionality for this first release.