Finally, A New Post!

I have been struggling! Of course if you asked me on a given day if I was alright, I would say “Yes!” Not having written a blog post in months is evidence enough. Finally here is a chance for me to work out some new thoughts online with you, my cherished audience. I have been […]

The Goal of Better Documentation

My projects would be improved if there was better documentation.  The best way I have found to document projects so far has been using a paper binder.  However I have also used One Note, the Color Note Android app, and have built my own technical content management system at  Even though it is password-protected […]

Avoiding Frustration in Computer Work

I wasn’t expecting to write about avoiding frustration today. Part of the reason is that I have had better success on my projects lately. I might have to preferred to write about avoiding eye strain! Either way, it is important to take frequent breaks and either look into the distance, look at a relaxing picture […]

Arduino Sketches as a Service!

Hi! Sorry that I have not written a blog post for some time! I have been busy programming. I have to tell you about my recent success in Embedded Development. For some time I have answered posts on the Freelancer websites for work. Finally I received a bid! I was able to create a sketch […]

Using Data Science to Choose Categories

I am writing a journal entry per my recent blog post where I enjoined my readers to keep a personal journal. Doing so helps one to slow down and reflect upon what is happening around oneself. Also it is a great way of providing you with a record of what happened during a particular time. […]

Backup and Recovery and Failure

“There is not a question of if a hard drive will fail. The question is ‘When?’” — Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS) I was doing really well with my projects on an Ubuntu 18.04 desktop until the system crashed. I think that my version of Ubuntu had some problems with memory management. Of course, any […]

A Simple Call to Action

One cannot fail to be alarmed by current events. While we are all hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic does not turn into a new era (another 100 years of solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and we are adjusting to the new requirements of social distancing and wearing a mask, we are appalled by recent recurring […]

Back to the Server Pharm!

Hey! You know you’re getting somewhere when your searches on the web on SAMBA on a Saturday night ( – Opening Windows to a Wider World) lead to pages of Microsoft Documentation.  When your FB friends are so bored with you that you have started reading your emails.  When you open Microsoft OneNote on Firefox […]