Avoiding Frustration in Computer Work

I wasn’t expecting to write about avoiding frustration today. Part of the reason is that I have had better success on my projects lately. I might have to preferred to write about avoiding eye strain! Either way, it is important to take frequent breaks and either look into the distance, look at a relaxing picture or look at flowers.

Sometimes I can be a little bit lazy and not read the help pages in order to figure out what is wrong with software. Other times, no matter what I do, things will not work. When trying again fails it is time, not just for a break but to take a new tack. Be it mastering layers in Photoshop or building Gnome’s graphical toolkit for use with Linux, I find these things to be difficult and when I don’t get it right after a few tries I am ready to give up! Einstein said that “Insanity is repeating the same thing expecting different result.” But these projects are important to me, and failure is not a possiblity!

With computer work, I have found, it is important to pay attention to the smallest details. Maybe a developer mispelled the words in a command you are required to use. Then guess what?! You have to spell it the wrong way too. Computers are not too forgiving (maybe machine learning systems are). The second thing that has helped me time and again is to check the versions of software. We can become disturbed when there are too many versions of the same software package on our machines. What do we do then? Good luck!

I have added two more items to my frustration-blocking list. They are to write in one’s notebook about the problem one is trying to solve and to take a more holistic approach to software development. What is that? Imagine that you are relaxing on the beach at a distant shore resort. Listen to the waves crashing on the sand. There is not a single computer to worry about!