Arduino Sketches as a Service!

Hi! Sorry that I have not written a blog post for some time! I have been busy programming. I have to tell you about my recent success in Embedded Development.

For some time I have answered posts on the Freelancer websites for work. Finally I received a bid! I was able to create a sketch for an Arduino alarm clock and send it to my client.

The amazing thing was that although he and I discussed the prototype in detail, and also built it; the only thing that passed between us, on, was the sketch itself, the schematic, and the parts list. I was amazed that this contract took place in this way and it made me think of additional possibilities.

For some time I have thought that I could provide “Software as a Deliverable.” For instance, if someone needed a custom Raspberry Pi kernel, they could go to my site and custom order it. All that they would receive in return would be the correctly running software, downloadable!

The only problem about this is that I am not SAD. Get it? Software As a Deliverable??! How about calling this man HAPPY instead! Hybrid Professional Available!!