Using Data Science to Choose Categories

I am writing a journal entry per my recent blog post where I enjoined my readers to keep a personal journal. Doing so helps one to slow down and reflect upon what is happening around oneself. Also it is a great way of providing you with a record of what happened during a particular time. Journal, Diary or Notebook; it is all the same to me!

I credit Mr. Griffee at Princeton Day School in Princeton, NJ for starting me out with a journal or notebook in 8th grade. I remember being upset about having to turn the journal in for a non-graded evaluation. Well I have a lot of comments about my reaction which I will spare you at this time.

A good rule of thumb for things like bookmarks or file folders is that there are not more than six or seven different sections. It’s a lot easier to keep track that way. Sometimes we really are only capable ourselves of counting by our fingers! I have heard it said that birds can only count up to four or five.

However we we have so many different topics to keep track of these days! Not to mention passwords or files on the file system. Sounds like a Data Science challenge in the making.