A Simple Call to Action

One cannot fail to be alarmed by current events. While we are all hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic does not turn into a new era (another 100 years of solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and we are adjusting to the new requirements of social distancing and wearing a mask, we are appalled by recent recurring racist attacks on African-American peoples solely for the color of their skin. But what can we do?

We live in an Immediate Age. People don’t easily greet one another in their neighborhoods in the morning much any more. Instead “walk on by” might be considered to be the norm. So when we read an essay like this on Facebook or in some other social channel, even the newspaper, it is temping to click “Wow”or “Care” (but please not “Hate!”) and move on. For there is little more that any of us, given our present situation can do. And I am no different.

My word for today is “share the love” or at least “share the road.” At least tell someone that you care. My second response to our current Litany of Days is to stop and listen to the present moment. What do I mean by that?? Though we may no longer be a friendly or affectionate people, we are so caught up with the latest “click” that we start to worry about our Mental Health when there is “no activity.” And maybe that is the reason! When people use the expressions “Show me the love,” or “It’s all about the love,” they really mean that they want to feel comfortable in their community. For whether we borrow a dime or a “cup of sugar [and I want you to be clear about that],” we only get through life as a community.

So I would eschew the marches on the Statehouse and would try to click on “Love” as much as possible today. Here are five things I am going to try to do today to help our community to heal:

  1. Stop and Listen. What do you hear? If there is no activity, is there a bird chirping? Did the air conditioner or fan go on? – The computer is making a noise. The soup smells good.
  2. Write a journal entry – I guess today a blog post will count.
  3. Thinking about reaching out to and participating in “the community.” Here is where I think we are stuck. What is the community? As used above it is our streets, our City, our homes and our essential businesses. But how can we participate in that? But just find an activity, be it watercolor painting or needle point or computer coding or guitar or bicycling and guess what? Today there are lots of online forums. I would find forums to participate in. Not necessarily the weird world of the Internet, but apps and websites and discussions where people with your interests can be found. Does it really matter if someone is not just like you ( in so many ways) if they share your interests and can help you with a problem. – I need to think about this one as well.
  4. Maybe it is time for a new Million Man March – Can I be a part of it?
  5. You don’t have to agree with someone to avoid conflict. – Have a nice day! We are all trying to move forward!