You might think that I would tire of searching on the Internet for solutions to problems like “Python Error: remove_dead_ref,” or Arduino AVR’s C++ compiler’s complaint … and what was it again, I can’t even remember!

It’s true, but as long as I stay in the tech field I will probably always be tracking these sort of bugs down.  But is there a better way?

Building software like a custom Yocto kernel ( www.yoctoproject.org ) for Raspberry Pi or using new features of C++ to program the Arduino ( arduino.cc) can be difficult.

Sooner or later (or much much later!) I usually manage track my errors down.  Since I feel that I am not on the “cutting-edge” of technology, very many times I prefer to search for discussions by other people who have faced a similar problem.

I would like to better document how I have debugged many of these issues and catalog those notes.  Because sometimes, after all the effort of finding solutions to compiler errors, and the like, I forget about them altogether.

It doesn’t seem at first worth the time to write down every step along the way of solving one of these problems.  Software seems to breed these sort of issues.  But I am wondering if a knowledge base of the issues I have researched would be of help to others??