A Cornucopia of Things

I would write down pages about all of the subjects I would like to study or continue working on but that paragraph would never end.  That is why, invariably when I try to enumerate my current projects I fail.  The list keeps expanding.

The same thing happens when I start working – hoping to complete one of my various books.  Before long I have an expanse of details that has become unmanageable.  Then I sometimes ask if there is a better way!

Organizing my thoughts and materials helps but is not all there is to it.  Having a focus and being clear about what I want to write or accomplish really does help.  That said something always comes up that doesn’t quite fit.  I call these things ‘fuzzy’ and these days, rather than ‘calling them out’ incorporate them into my Taxonomy of Things.  If it quacks like a duck but swims like a fish it is still catalogued as a duck, for all you object-oriented Ruby on Rails enthusiasts out there!

Problems are solved so that we can solve other problems.  Some of my interests, such as how to build better websites aren’t really that important to others.  Everyone in the field has their own solution!

Lately however I am finding the burgeoning problem of cataloging the Internet of Things to be of value and of worth to others.  There are so many gadgets and devices.  Once again I wonder if this cornucopia of electro-mechanical things, seemingly spilled onto every page of the Internet and prnt media today, has any end?


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