Not Another Computer!!

It’s time once again for another Blog Post! This time I will be writing about how the process of building a small computer has changed.  That is to say, although I have been having fun (and it has been a long time since I could say that my ‘job’ was fun) putting together the pieces of a UDOO x86 basic board.

So far this experiment has mostly led me back to the ‘Shopping Cart’ for more parts.  This is not the idea one thinks of when one sets out to start an economically viable business.  In addition to UDOO Basic I have now ordered a 5″ LCD display and still need a solid-state MMD2 drive.  Wow!  So much for a ‘small’ device run on an x86 board like the Galileo!!

At least this is not just about me!  When we, as individuals or companies “miss the mark” as Intel did (in my humble opinion – IMHO – now tell me, is that humble?) by releasing an Arduino-compatible x86 board that had too slow a Front-Side Bus what do we do?  Try again!

This time however, older and wiser; I might just ask if I am starting to build the next Personal Computer and not the ‘Pod I was looking for in the first place.

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