A Plan for LocalPOD

Here is my plan for earning income from LocalPOD without spending a penny more on development.

If you had attended Philadelphia’s Emerging Technology Conference in April of 2017 as I did you would have heard about how important Virtual Reality is today.

Basically in the last few months as I perfected my design of my first hotspot with a touchscreen: aptly named LocalPOD, I ordered a lot of 3D printed cases.  These didn’t always fit and had to be thrown away.  That was a lot of money to throw away!!

Now I am planning to build a site, right here, that lets someone choose their board and print a case.  Wow it’s so easy!

The site will have to use VR so we can see right away if the case will fit.

Because! The biggest thing that the Small Board Market is lacking right now is the case!!!!

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