A New Model for Web Development

Hi!  I’m still here working on LocalPOD but you would not believe how many great Hotspots POD and Gateways are out there already!  Here is the AdLink Tech MXE-100i http://www.adlinktech.com/PD/web/PD_detail.php?cKind=&pid=1563# for example!  Well that looks just great!  But no one seems to offer a Hotspot with a reprogrammable LCD display! I wonder why??

I have had good news on the Intel side of the house however, sort of!  The Intel Curie module based on one of the newer revisions of the Intel Quark series 32-bit micro(processor, controller)-units can run Linux.  See https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/291192/can-the-intel-curie-modules-be-programmed-in-assembly-using-the-quark-toolchain That is fantastic news for me and when my Radeon board comes in from Gumstix I will be getting Linux going on it if I can!


You may ask how such a little board as that is going to compete with anyone!! Well just wait! At least it is low-powered.

The only thing that bothers me now about Intel’s modified Quark is that it really only runs a modified version of Linux.  Linux is Open Source but an Intel subsidiary, WindRiver maintains this branch of the Yocto Open Standards build.   The Intel Curie does not have an x87 coprocessor onboard requiring a top system engineer on call to set up Linux.  What happened to open standards?  You can read more about Wind River’s offerings here.  https://www.windriver.com/news/press/pr.html?ID=13925

That may be alright with you but there are different versions of the word ‘free.’  The standard General Copy-Left states that I may have access to any open source code that I need to profit from my work.  Yes, let’s go all the way back to 1980 and refer to Eric Raymond The Cathedral and The Bazaar.  Perhaps Intel and Wind River have adopted RedHat’s version of Open Source which is to release their developments back into the community having profited from their own work: if so, that’s alright with me too!

But now you are wondering why I called this post A Different Take on Web Development??  While I am trying to benefit personally from my own development, LocalPOD, using any preferable, and preferably Intel, chipset that is out there, I might still need to earn a dollar from web development!!


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