Thanks for the Feedback

We are one week into our Kickstarter Launch here at LocalPOD central and so far we are doing great!  Thanks for the comments, they really help.  We are going to make a better video.

Also so many people said to me, “That is great, but what does it do?” That I finally gave up and wrote a formal document.  Here it is:


We have one donor on Kickstarter so far!

You see, one does more than set a goal for a project like this; then carry it out.  One does not succeed in that way.  It is more like one has a dream and “throws one’s heart over the bar.”  Thanks to Reverend Norman Vincent Peale for that one!  I thought he was talking about gymnastics.

It has been hard for me to convince people that they need LocalPOD.  Not LocalPOD as it currently stands but LocalPOD as it is intended to be at the delivery date of the Kickstarter in September 2017.  For I have done so much work to bring this project to this stage over the last five years.  Knowing that I needed a small computer to make the ‘Pod a success I tried out so many devices: Arduino, programmable without a bootloader, BeagleBoard, an ARM3 Tiger board, TI DSP and MSP430.  The only thing I didn’t try was Raspberry Pi!  I think that the Galileo board is great!

Please keep your comments coming.  And please support LocalPOD on Kickstarter!  Remember you are not buying hard-baked hardware.  A lot of software development has gone into the ‘POD by myself and the free Open Source community as well!

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