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  1. Hi Evan,

    a few ideas to make your project successfull:

    1. The video:
    – filming with a smartphone in portrait mode looks unprofessional (always film in landscape-mode)
    – the video quality is worse due filming in darkness
    or against a light source
    – the video is shaky (place the cam on a fixed point)
    – you don’t have explain what Kickstarter is. People there
    know that 😉
    – you should cut out parts like “is this filming?” or
    the non working buttons. People on Kickstarter used
    to watch the first few seconds of a video. So you have
    to focus on the most important facts here.

    2. The text:
    – You do explain what components you used, but you
    did not explain what’s the use for your device.
    (Since smartphones and most laptops do have bluetooth
    and wifi included and can be paired with one click, why do I need your box to connect them?)

    3. You will never reach your goal since you request 8000 Dollar but only give away a single device for 400 dollar. That’s not how kickstarter works. People investing in ideas expect to be part of it or at get something in return.

    best regards and hope I could help


    1. Thank you Marcel,

      I am addressing each of these concerns. I hope to make my funding goal but I may have to offer the product again. Now I am offering 29 units at $276 each. The device is intended to be an mobile networking unit.

      Kind Regards,


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