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What use is a blog if one never makes a post?!  Development can be slow, and I don’t like to speak up unless I have something new to say.  I have heard it said that one must start selling one’s solution to anything prior to completing development: in fact secure the promise of sales prior to investing a lot of money into overhead and inventory.  It makes sense; one needs so many things to be independent (and for me, that includes camping supplies!)  But at the same time I do not like to make empty promises.  Why promise something new before you are sure that the BETA even will be a success?!

You may be wondering, dear Reader, how my mind has wandered off technology into the sales cycle.  Maybe it was the most excellent Technology Conference I just attended in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Emerging Technology Conference.  I have heard that a good developer should attend at least one conference a year: this may have been it for me.  The tantalizing solutions presented during this two day conference made me take a step back.  What is the use of working and working only to achieve incrementally smaller results?!

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