When A Knowledge Base is Needed

The great business and sales coach, Brian Tracy, in his book The Art Of Closing the Sale, speaks of success as being the cumulation of material required to win over the customer.  Does that make sense?  I own the book but I am sure that I have now wildly mis-paraphrased what Mr. Tracy actually wrote.

Let me explain in my own words.  Perhaps you have heard the adage, “Try try again!”  This expressions means “If at first you don’t succeed try try again!”  Just because one fails the first time doesn’t mean that one may not succeed on a subsequent try.  This, without reliving Einstein’s adage: “Insanity is repeating the same thing expecting different results!” A recent Nobel Prize winner was quoted as saying that it was only on the 5000th try that he was able to invent a certain kind of Light Emitting Diode, for instance.

I myself have failed at some of my activities many times and have been successful at others.  This note really concerns that fact that I actually do need a database to keep track of every time that I had failed.  You may think that is funny! It sounds funny until you remember that true scientists and engineers often do keep a laboratory notebook of all their endeavors and experiments!

Every time I try to move an image or <div> on a website, for example, it often goes to the wrong place.  When I do find out (again) the right way to place my content in a webpage I often wish I could write that down.  But a blog is not the place for each and every note about how a subject matter works.  Nor can we each keep our own encyclopedia of all these things.  Still this note is leading me to contribute the idea that a personal Knowledge Base or Wiki would really be helpful; perhaps one that is half-on and half-off the World Wide Web!

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