Please Don’t Throw Good Coffee Away!

Hello!  I diverge here from my usual technical talk.  One’s interests change and now I am starting to think and read about planning the User’s eXperience / Interaction. UX/UI.   You have to think, after all, about who is using your software and what they feel!

Nonetheless it is good to be rooted in one’s own field.  One reason that I have been “out-of-work” for a year is that almost every time I had a PHP interview, the recruiter asked me about my “front-end” and “design” experience.  Hey! I would have loved to have had those jobs!

I’m really a back-end guy with a background in computer infrastructure.  After I got my MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) I got halfway through my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Engineer) on Windows 2008 Server.  Study as I might, I really had trouble matching up those little multiple choice matches for AH and ESP – Authentication Header and Encapsulated Profile – on both sides of the Encrypted Channel.  Do you think that stuff is really secure?  Please Don’t Throw Sausage Pizza Away!

The mantra “Please Don’t Throw Sausage Pizza Away!” stands for Physical, Datalink, Transport, Session, P… hmm, and Application.  You can see why I didn’t pass the Networking exam!

Anyway I am proposing an alternative to the OSI 7 layer reference model: Please Don’t Throw Good Coffee Away.  As you can see this has only 6 layers and would be easier to implement and remember.  What does it stand for?  Physical, Datalink, Transport, Group, Code, Application.

These aren’t really Acronyms (I have written about and ‘railed against” them before).  These are “SentanceGrams.” GroupThink is here to stay!

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