What Sells in the IT Market Today

People might think that I have it made.  In fact I do!  After all I have just invented and launched Localpod, the next great new device! But rule One of business, I think, is “Don’t rest on your laurels.”  Don’t think that everything is alright just because things are going well today.  Or, to quote the author the The Power Of Positive Thinking: “don’t wait for everything to be safe and assured. [then it will be too late!]”

Sales have been slow on Localpod, so, following the above mantra I am thinking, “What Can I do to earn a dollar today?” while I wait for the sales to pick up on this great new gadget.  The answer, of course, is, “Don’t wait!”

So I’m looking at some new opportunities.  Right now I am learning about recruiting!  Hey, maybe I am better with people than computers after all!

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