Localpod v1.0 is Out!

local010LocalPod v1.0 is out and ready for your purchase!  This is an ‘extranet hotspot!’  Think of it as an Internet router with a nice LCD touch screen on top.  The device consists of the Intel Galileo Board Gen2, a Vizic Technologies Touch LCD Screen, and a Intel Centrino 135 Wifi and Bluetooth Radio Card.  Missing in the picture are the rabbit ears; this is just out of prototype mode!  The software for the device is a capable Linux with Node.js running and we have preloaded a working Yocto kernel that also allows the Arduino shield on the Galileo board (insde) to be used by Arduino’s native IDE.

To order (fulfillment takes 6-8 weeks, click the “Buy Now!” Button Above. $440 Retail + $20 Shipping + 7% NJ Sales Tax.  Or Mail a Check for $490.80 to Evan Williams Consulting, LLC, 21 Lincoln Ave., Princeton, NJ 08540.  Domestic (United States orders only – please contact tech@evanwilliamsconsulting.com for instructions on Overseas Shipments).


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